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Outsource Medical Billing Management

It is very important for a healthcare facility to strike the right balance between providing the best patient care and patient billing processing. Medical Billing Management is a complete process in itself and requires adequate staff, equipments and resources to manage. Instead of getting the patient billing processing work done in-house, it is better to outsource the same to the experts who are specialized in this arena.


Rayvat BPO Medical Transcription provides excellent Patient Billing Processing services. It provides services related to patient billing, insurance claims data entry, verification of insurance eligibility; follow up with the carriers, settlement of claims, settling of reimbursements and management of other patient records.

When you partner with Rayvat BPO medical transcription you are assured of high quality output with the best turnaround times. You no longer have to deal with medical billing errors and accounting errors. As a one-stop shop for complete medical billing and coding solution, Rayvat gives you the liberty to concentrate on the more important task of taking care of patients.

When you outsource the Medical Billing Processing to Rayvat, you enjoy low overhead costs, better cash flow, easy settlement of claims and happier and more contented customers. Make your practice cost effective, productive and more patient-oriented.

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